A little something about me:

Strong women raised me. Not just strong, but Cajun strong. Cajun women are resilient. We have deep faith. We hug tight. We look you in the eye and ask you how you are and want a real answer. We smile big. We unapologetically ‘overshare.’ We want to KNOW you. 

I was taught this straight-forward, loving way of life from my great grandmother. She taught me how to be strong and to speak my mind. This lady was watching wrestling into her 90’s while talking smack back to the T.V. Then she would go to church or can some figs. That's what I call 'balance.' She lived to be 102.

What does this have to do with my art?

My great grandmother taught me to listen to my gut, or what I call the Spirit. She also taught me not to take myself too damn seriously. As an artist, my process includes meditation and journaling, so I can't help but create deep and thoughtful work sometimes and at other times wacky and fun. Its a lot like watching wrestling and going to church and I'm so down with that because my art truly is my life. And its my voice. Sometimes I use vintage photography to use my voice. Other times, I create abstracts that bubble up from whatever experiences I am going through at the time. And there's layers...always the layers, because that's us, right?  

Here's the cool part: people who have seen my work all say the same thing: there is SO much Energy and Truth in each piece. That's because although I call it MY work, it's actually the truth of ALL of us and most times I don't feel like its even me who's creating it. Something bigger than me shows up and say's 'move over, I've got this,' and when I listen, I grab my paints, go with my gut, and crazy cool things happen. 

Phew, ok so, if I haven't lost you by now, thanks!  You must be part of my tribe! So hey, let's get together, talk some smack and overshare. Or you could always follow me on  Instagram or Facebook.