1. ART JOURNAL. Find one with sturdy paper for wet paint.

2. GOUACHE PAINT. They come in lots of colors and are small for when you want

             to take them on the go.

3. CHARCOAL. I like to use a big fat one.

4. PENCIL. Any old pencil will do.

5. PEN. I use black but do you.

6. BLACK INK. I like Higgins drawing ink. This is not imperative, but I like it.

7. PLASTIC CUP for water.

8. PAPER TOWEL. I use it for wiping up as well as rubbing back.

9. 1 SMALL PAINT BRUSH. Nothing fancy.

10. 1 MEDIUM PAINT BRUSH. Again...anything will do.

11. 1 PALETTE KNIFE for mixing colors.

12. PAPER PLATE...again, for mixing colors.

13. CANDLE...seriously. I light it to help with setting the mood and intention. 

IMG_0127 2.JPG