Learn the rules the Masters knew. Then break them like a Rebel.



Lemme guess. You’ve got the “me” time you’ve been craving and have finally carved out time to paint. There’s just one problem…everything turns to shit.


At least that’s how it feels. 


I can help you get out of this!


Everyone gets stuck once in a while. Maybe you’ve painted for years, or maybe you just picked up a brush. Either way, it happens to us all. 


We all have days when we want to rip the canvas apart (do it) or throw it out of the window (you can). You know, those days when you look at your art and think, “This is NOT it.”  Whatever’s in your head just isn’t translating to the canvas. 

You’ve got so much inside of you that wants to be expressed.

You’ve got your own voice and your own style thay you’re waiting to share with the world.


But you start slinging paint, completely excited and in the zone, and then BAM! It all turns to mud.


 ... and you think it's ruined. You think, “I’m a hack. I’m not a real artist anyway.” Nope. You’ve just found the magic.


You’ve seen gorgeous art from folks who went to art school and think...


“Well I don’t have formal training so it’s too late for me. There’s so much to learn, it would take years for me to learn everything.” Nope. I’ve got your back.


I’ll teach you about the creative process, composition, and color so you approach every canvas with confidence (holy C’s, Batman)

"This course totally elevated my work. 100% game changer."

K. Fogarty, student of Color Course for Rebels

The Color Course for Rebels

Created by Jodie King (hey, that’s me!)


So listen, you’ve actually already got the most important thing you need: YOU and your unique energy! But if energy alone were all we needed, everyone would be making incredible art. The Color Course for Rebels will give you all the tools to help you express your unique voice AND make your art SOAR. In this 7 module course you will get:

Video Lessons

Rewind. Pause. Repeat. Each module contains a video lesson you can watch on your own time, as many times as you’d like.


Actionable Lessons & Exercises

Whenever you’re ready to implement the things you’ve learned, the concepts I teach here will help you find transfer your vision to canvas.

Private Community

We go farther when we go together! Connect with other students, share your artwork, and get my feedback during weekly office hours.



From my favorite supplies to my go-to techniques, I share it all in this exclusive bonus series. 



Here's what you'll learn

Everything you need to paint like a rebel

Module 1

The Creative Process

An essential part of any art-making is understanding the Creative Process. It’s the No. 1 thing that will keep you from throwing your hands up and giving up on your work. Don’t worry! It’s all part of the process

Module 2

Value the Values

Learn how to bring your paintings to life by focusing on what creates depth and appeal.

Module 3

Saturated vs. Unsaturated Colors

Think of saturated colors like a rowdy Thanksgiving dinner table. When everyone is yelling, no one can hear a thing! Learn saturation techniques that will help you quiet the noise and express all the conversations in your painting.

Module 4

Composition: The Dance of the Opposites

Whether figurative, landscape, or abstract, no painting is complete without composition. I teach you how to use the rules of composition to your advantage, while still painting with a rebel spirit!

Module 5

Let's Build a Painting

Watch me create a painting from beginning to end, using all the techniques we’ve learned so far!

Module 6


I teach you the rule-breaking method of mixing colors. Let’s make some mud!

Module 7

Wrapping it up: How to Know When It’s Done


Figure out your cues for when it’s time to put down the pallet knife and pat yourself on the back. 


Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Jodie King


As a professional artist for 20 years, instructor, speaker and fun have-er-er, I’ve taught thousands of people around the world, from beginners to long-time artists, how to create powerful, energetic, Honest Art. I teach the same techniques in this course as I do in workshops around the globe, and have watched artists light up when implementing these techniques, finally making art they are proud of.


No, I didn’t go to art school. I started painting later in life thinking I would just figure it out. And I did…the hard way. It took me years of ‘meh' paintings before I got to ‘fine art’. I created the Color Course for Rebels so you don’t have to wait like I did. 


What I know about making great art is that rules are more like suggestions. It’s imperative to learn all the “rules”…and then do whatever the heck you want. No one is the boss of you!

L. Anglin:

"I am not kidding when I say there is one tip in this course that BLEW my mind. Totally changed how I prepare my palette. I will never paint without incorporating the methods from Jodie’s course again! "

N. Junkin:

"I’ve been painting for many years and still learned from this color course… loved it! Recommend it!!"

How does this sound?

With the Color Course, you can...

  • Get Unstuck

    Conquer the mindset game in order to identify where you're stuck and overcome it.

  • Strengthen Your Work

    Want to start selling your art but worry the quality isn’t there yet? This course can get you there! Even if selling isn’t your goal, your art will elevate to the place where you’re proud!

  • Expand your "Crayon Box"

    Give yourself a whole new set of tools without breaking the bank and learn to make the most out of what you have!

  • Join a Community

    You don't have to go it alone with my exclusive Facebook community for rebel artists making honest art.

Ready to paint? Choose your payment plan:

3 Payments of



  • Includes all 7 Modules (plus any future updates!)

  • Access to the Private Facebook Community!

  • Get your questions answered and your artwork critiqued by Jodie during Weekly Office Hours


Pay in Full



  • Includes all 7 Modules (plus any future updates!)

  • Access to the Private Facebook Community!

  • Get your questions answered and your artwork critiqued by Jodie during Weekly Office Hours


Our money-back guarantee

Try our program for 21 days, risk-free

If Color Course For Rebels doesn't help you get unstuck...if it doesn't help you to strengthen your work and give you new tools to take your work to the next level like so many before you... you will receive a full refund within 21 days.

 A refund will be granted once the customer shows proof that they actively participated in the program and the exercises were completed in each module. This includes, but not limited to, photos of completed paint mixing techniques, paintings and requests for critique.

S. Dale:

"In previous art classes, the “mud” that comes from mixing colors while painting was a thing to avoid. Jodie’s technique from the Color Course of mixing “mud,” aka the Mother Color, making a different (often more interesting) color to base a painting on was completely mind-blowing and works ideally."

S. Hughes:

"First of all, who wouldn’t want to take a course that is titled “Rebels”?! Jodie’s fantastic personality and “NO ones the boss of you” attitude along with this color course has given me confidence in my studio practice! Jodie’s course was a game changer for my art. It has definitely pushed my art to a more professional level! During the course, Jodie teaches a very simple way to harmonize the colors in a painting. I now have incorporated these techniques into all my paintings. I also appreciated a bonus section where Jodie demonstrates her painting process. If you are wanting to see huge shifts in your artwork, this course is a must!"

And there is more!

When you enroll, you'll also get these awesome bonuses:

Bonus #1

Supplies list + my favorite tools

A list of my 10 favorite studio tools that make creating honest art muuuuch easier. 

Bonus #2

Tools in Action

Get a look at my favorite effects in action, PLUS the tools you need to create them. And if that weren’t enough, you’ll also get to see them all in action.

Bonus #3

Let's Build a Color Palette

I’m taking you behind the scenes to show you my color-creating process for three different paintings and how you can make your own colors too!

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