Learn the rules the Masters knew. Then break them like a Rebel.


You finally carve out time to paint. This is your sacred "me" creative time you've been needing.

Maybe you’ve painted for years, or maybe you just picked up a brush. Either way, eventually every painting gets a little tricky for us, and eventually it all goes to h*ll. That doesn’t mean you’re not an artist! It actually means you’re a bad*ss artist. All you need are a few tricks of the trade.

You’ve got so much inside of you that wants to be expressed.

You see other artists creating amazing work and think, “They must know something I don’t” or, “They must have some special skill I don’t have.” Nope. You’ve got your own voice. That’s your superpower.


You start slinging paint, completely excited and in the zone, and then BAM! It all turns to mud.

 ... and you think it's ruined. You think, “I’m a hack. I’m not a real artist anyway.” Nope. You’ve just found the magic.


You’ve seen gorgeous art from folks who went to art school and think...

Well I don’t have formal training so it’s too late for me. There’s so much to learn, it would take years for me to learn everything.” Nope. I’ve got your back.


As a professional artist, instructor, speaker, and fun have-er-er, I’ve taught countless people, from beginners to long-time artists, how to use their intuition and combine it with solid skills to create powerful, energetic Honest Art that is a true expression of themselves….all while having fun along the way. 


The Color Course for Rebels includes everything I wish I knew from the very beginning about color, values, composition and the creative process. Yes, I sell my paintings for thousands of dollars now, but oh, how I wish I’d known these skills back then! I could’ve raised my prices and my FUN so much sooner! 


What I now know about color is that rules are more like suggestions. It's imperative to learn all the “rules”… and then do whatever the heck you want (hellooo Mother Color!). No one is the boss of you!

So listen, you’ve actually already got the most important thing you need: YOU and your unique energy! But if energy alone were all we needed, everyone would be making incredible art. The Color Course for Rebels will give you all the tools to help you express your unique voice AND make your art SOAR. In this 7 module course you will get:

Module 1: The Creative Process

An essential part of any art-making is understanding the Creative Process. It’s the No. 1 thing that will keep you from throwing your hands up and giving up on your work. Don’t worry! It’s all part of the process.

Module 2: Value the Values

Learn how to embrace values, and avoid making the #1 mistake most new artists make!

Module 3: Saturated vs. Unsaturated Colors

Think of saturated colors like a rowdy Thanksgiving dinner table. When everyone is yelling, no one can hear a thing! Learn saturation techniques that will help you quiet the noise and express all the conversations in your painting.

Module 4: Composition: The Dance of the Opposites

Whether figurative, landscape, or abstract, no painting is complete without composition. I teach you how to use the rules of composition to your advantage, while still painting with a rebel spirit! 

Module 5: Let's Build a Painting

Watch me create a painting from beginning to end, using all the techniques we’ve learned so far!


I teach you the rule-breaking method of mixing colors. Let’s make some mud!

Module 7: Wrapping it up: How to Know When it’s Done

In this final module, I show you how to know exactly when it’s time to put down the pallet knife. 

"I loved Jodie’s Color Course, it felt like she was right there in the room guiding me on! No BS, no fillers, just straight to the point helpful information. The painting demos were great too, getting to see her process up close and personal was fascinating. However, the part that has helped me understand and improve my paintings was the “Mother Color” secret. Oh my goodness, that is a game changer!! Highly recommend the course, and I’m especially grateful for the ongoing Facebook group advice. As a beginner, the support from Jodie and my co-rebels has been invaluable."

H. Wildman

"In previous art classes, the “mud” that comes from mixing colors while painting was a thing to avoid. Jodie’s technique from the Color Course of mixing “mud,” aka the Mother Color, making a different (often more interesting) color to base a painting on was completely mind-blowing and works ideally."

S. Dale


To help you get the most out of your learning experience, Color Course for Rebels includes:

Video Lessons

Watch, pause, re-watch. Over and over again. Each module contains a video lesson to help you follow along. 

Actionable Lessons & Exercises

The magic is in doing - that's why I've created actionable lessons to help you create new color combinations. 

Private Facebook Community

Connect with other students, share your art work and get my feedback during weekly office hours - the only place you get direct access to me outside of my in-person workshops. 

Join The Color Course For Rebels Today!

Whether you want to treat yo' self or paint your heart out, The Color Course for Rebels gives you access to my tried and true painting toolbox for a fraction of the price of my in-person workshops.



3 Payments of $249

Includes all 7 Modules (plus any future updates!)

Access to the Private Facebook Community!

Get your questions answered and your artwork critiqued by Jodie during Weekly Office Hours


Pay In Full


Includes all 7 Modules (plus any future updates!)

Access to the Private Facebook Community!

Get your questions answered and your artwork critiqued by Jodie during Weekly Office Hours


"I loved The Color Course for Rebels. It has given me new ways of mixing my colors. It has made my colors more subtle yet vibrant. The module about the Mother Color was the icing on the cake. I learned from Jodie's boldness in making changes. I feel more free and less hesitant in making changes myself now. The Facebook group also gives great support. Jodie is just very inspiring. I definitely recommend you buy this course. "

E. Veerbeek

"The Color Course for Rebels is more than learning to mix colors. It has given me the tools to understand the rules for a strong painting, and to better break the rules and express myself. I highly recommend this course, as it gives you access to your true honest painting with the inspiring and professional support of Jodie. The Facebook group is a supportive community to ask all the questions you want whatever your level. The Mother Color module is a key to painting for sure!"

H. Morizur


If Color Course For Rebels doesn't help you get unstuck...if it doesn't help you to strengthen your work and give you new tools to take your work to the next level like so many before you... you will receive a full refund within 21 days.

 A refund will be granted once the customer shows proof that they actively participated in the program and the exercises were completed in each module. This includes, but not limited to, photos of completed paint mixing techniques, paintings and requests for critique.


With the Color Course for Rebels, you can finally...

  • Get Unstuck

    Conquer the mindset game in order to identify where you're stuck and overcome it.

  • Strengthen Your Work

    All those paintings laying around? Finally learn how to get them to the place where you're proud!

  • Expand your "Crayon Box"

    Give yourself a whole new set of tools without breaking the bank and learn to make the most out of what you have!

  • Join a Community

    You don't have to go it alone with my exclusive Facebook community for rebel artists making honest art.


"Jodie’s Color Course gave me, a new painter, the confidence to paint and find my own voice. I learned some cool things around color and more. The feedback from Jodie and the group was super helpful!"

J. Perkins

"First of all, who wouldn’t want to take a course that is titled “Rebels”?! Jodie’s fantastic personality and “NO ones the boss of you” attitude along with this color course has given me confidence in my studio practice! Jodie’s course was a game changer for my art. It has definitely pushed my art to a more professional level! During the course, Jodie teaches a very simple way to harmonize the colors in a painting. I now have incorporated these techniques into all my paintings. I also appreciated a bonus section where Jodie demonstrates her painting process. If you are wanting to see huge shifts in your artwork, this course is a must!"

S. Hughes

"I’m a beginner painter and Jodie’s Colour Course for Rebels was like WOW, this is the secret to color! I’m not sure where I would be right now in my painting if I didn’t know about the ‘Mother Color.’ Jodies mad, crazy and energetic personality (that’s a good mad and crazy) is entertaining and inspiring. The Facebook group is also very supported and a great place to share and ask questions. This course is one for the bucket list for sure."

K. Reid

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is more than a course - it's a reference that you'll go back to over and over again at different stages of your work. You'll have unlimited access to the course contents and the private Facebook community, and to any updates made to the program over time. 

It's available for beginners and experienced and professional painters! Anyone who is interested in playing more with their work and experimenting with color.

Color Course For Rebels is a highly curated course that takes the 16 years of hands- on experience of Jodie King into practical and actionable content. You'll learn about Jodie's signature method, The Mother Color™, that is a GAME CHANGER.


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