Art Should Be Honest

Your best art is raw, real and emotional. If you've been uninspired or stuck with your painting, let's tap into what makes your art good: you.

Join me in this five day challenge to help you find your voice, uncover your truth and create honest art again. 


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Find Your Voice

In this free five-day challenge we are asking you to look not at the colors and composition of a painting, but at the colors and composition of yourself. These five days will push you to listen to your inner voice, and to, with complete vulnerability, put it on a canvas. This challenge will involve experimenting with the my style of art journaling, meditation, and the daring task of creating solely from intuition.


Uncover Your Truth

This is not only an opportunity to make more honest art, but an opportunity to build an abundant, compassionate community of creators. We’ll share and update each other on our process and the muddy bumps along the way, and by the end of these five days we’ll emerge brimming with possibility, and on the road to discovering our best work yet. 



Challenge Schedule

Monday, March 13 @ 11am CT: Training 1 is released

Tuesday, March 14 @ 11am CT: Live Q&A on Facebook

Wednesday, March 15 @ 11am CT: Training 2 is released

Thursday, March 16 @ 11am CT: Live Q&A on Facebook

Friday, March 17 @ 11am CT: Training 3 is released

I'm Jodie King.

As an artist, I paint primarily in abstract expressionism which simply means I use paint and other media to express externally what’s bubbling up in my mind, body and spirit.

My process begins by meditating and journaling, then I go directly to the canvas and begin painting without having any expectation or idea what the final product will be. I build layer after layer…letting go & covering some things…keeping others.

Always, there comes a point in the painting process where I’m so frustrated I  want to poke myself in the eye with a paintbrush.
Thankfully, I work through this and, in the end, I’m always a little bit surprised, yet delighted, by what ends up on the canvas.

I love being an artist, teacher, and speaker. I mean, c’mon…how lucky am I? I get to bring joy and great energy into people’s lives and homes.
That’s an honor!

Sometimes what I create and say is deep and thoughtful; but, other times it’s just straight up fun and maybe a curse word or two sneaks in. I call that Honest Art.

That’s what happens when you give a Cajun girl a paintbrush. It’s a lot like watching wrestling then going to church, and I’m so down with that. 

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