Everything you need to get started with this exciting new revenue stream. 

Demystified for artists, by an artist. 

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In 2021, NFT art sales peaked at almost 1.5 million sold PER MONTH and over 11 Million art sales were made in total. The time is NOW to begin creating and selling your own

Sure, you may have taken your artwork digital - selling prints, wallpapers and home goods featuring your work. You might have heard of NFTs too, but wrote them off as something too complicated or not worth investing your time in.

I'm going to be straight with you.

I thought this was a fad and that it would be too hard to figure out. I was wrong!

 After a year of research, I created a blueprint any artist can get started with, even if you think “techy” things are not for you.


As a professional artist, instructor, speaker, and fun have-er-er, I’ve taught countless people, from beginners to long-time artists, how to use their intuition and combine it with solid skills to create powerful, energetic Honest Art that that sells ...all while having fun along the way. 


NFTs for Rebels includes everything I wish I knew from the very beginning about getting started with NFTs, marketing my NFTs and growing my sales with this exciting new revenue stream. 

Whether you've dabbled in crypto or are completely new, NFTS for Rebels breaks down how to leverage NFTs as an artist in an easy to understand, easy to implement kind of way.

In NFTs for Rebels, I'm going to breakdown exactly how to create an NFT, launch your collection AND market it. This is the only course made specifically for artists, explaining the what, but also showing you HOW. In this 13 Module Course, we're going to cover:

Module 1: What is an NFT and why is it important?

Learn about Non-Fungible Tokens and how they can be used.

Module 2: NFTs and Artists

Learn why this is the time for artists to get involved and create their NFTs.

Module 3: NFT Process Overview

Learn how to get started in the NFT process.

Module 4: Buying Crypto

In this module, we demystify the Crypto buying process and show you how easy it is to get started.

Module 5: Crypto Wallet

Now that you bought your crypto, let's talk about how to secure it.

Module 6: NFT Security

The crypto world can sometimes feel like the Wild Wild West. Learn how to keep yourself (and your investment) safe.

Module 7: NFT Platforms

There are tons of platforms to launch your NFT on. In this module, let's review some of the more popular ones so you can get started.

Module 8: Creating an NFT

Alright, Rebel. Now that you know your way around crypto, let's create your first NFT and learn about minting and gas fees.

Module 9: Listing an NFT for Sale

Now that we’ve minted our NFTs, it’s time to learn how to list them for sale.

Module 10: Marketing Your NFTs

There's marketing your NFTs and then there's marketing your NFTs as an artist. In this module we learn best practices for pricing and marketing.

Module 11: Accepting offers on your NFTs

Learn how to accept or decline offers for your NFT.

Module 12: Buying an NFT

Learn how to purchase an NFT for yourself

Module 13: Troubleshooting Tips

In this final module, we share additional tips and resources to make your NFT journey easier.



To help you get the most out of your learning experience, NFTs for Rebels includes:

Video Lessons

Watch, pause, re-watch. Over and over again. Each module contains a video lesson to help you follow along. 

Downloads and Reference Guides

Download or print out guides and reference materials to help you launch your own NFTs.

A Bonus Coaching Call

Join by April 15, 2022 to get access to a group coaching call with Jodie.

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If you've been looking into launching your own NFT collection but are too scared to make the leap, this course will explain what NFTs are, how to create one and most importantly - how to sell them to your art buyers.



Includes all 13 Modules 

Downloadable reference materials 


With NFTs for Rebels, you can...

  • Feel Confident 

    This course not only teaches you how to create and market your NFTs, but covers the basics so you can feel confident on your NFT journey.

  • Become an Early Adopter

    Get in on the ground floor of this rapidly growing industry

  • Expand your revenue streams

    Give yourself a whole new revenue stream and open yourself to a global community of collectors.



Frequently Asked Questions

This course is more than a course - it's a reference that you'll go back to over and over again at different stages of your work. You'll have unlimited access to the course contents for 365 days from your date of purchase.

This course is good for artists of ANY kind looking to navigate the NFT space with their artwork.

NFTs For Rebels is a highly curated course that is built for artists and creatives looking to not only learn how to create NFTs, but market them as well. Other courses will tell you what you need to do. In this course, I tell you HOW to approach it as an artist to maximize your chances for success.


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